Located in Toronto

82 Peter Street // Toronto // 416 588 7978

Tryst features three uniquely decorated rooms, along with a courtyard, and caters to a diverse clientele. Located in the heart of the Entertainment District, Tryst offers an upbeat music selection of hip hop and house and reasonably priced bottles.

Upon entering, you will find yourself in the main room, which contains a sunken dance floor and VIP booths along the far wall. Past the main room are two smaller rooms that have a more intimate feel, and sometimes have their own DJ. During the summer months, the patio, which can hold more than 200 people, is open. Tryst is open Fridays and Saturdays and has a capacity of 800.

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  1. Feb 6
    Andre Burkwitz

    This club is nothing special. I went with a few ppl on a friday night and it’s just your average bar. The guy to girl ratio was definitely not even and there was no dress code. Maybe I went on the wrong night, but I dont get why this place has so much hype.

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